Susan gave insightful and perceptive suggestions on how to improve our product and our business. It was a pleasure to work with her and we learned so much from her vast experience.
— Flora Gill

Susan came in with a holistic approach and looked at all parts of the company, what our strengths were and our weaknesses. She gave great feedback in examining our wholesale business.
— Mara Hoffman

We’ve been experiencing so many changes here and so much growth, we wanted to bring someone in like Susan to explore new opportunities. I value her opinion so much.
— Narciso Rodriguez

...we thought it would be great to have someone with Susan’s knowledge and expertise...she became a hero to us and we followed her career.
— Sam Edelman

Susan’s wealth of knowledge and experience helped me think about my business strategically. She is a great leader.
— Prabal Gurung

Susan has the experience and knowledge that make her stand out in her field. As a young company, Susan’s invaluable guidance and direction have helped us grow into a recognizable brand name.
— Walters Faith

Absolutely everything has changed since the day I met Susan! Beyond her vast industry expertise I feel that it is her positive and deeply caring energy that I appreciate the most. Susan has pushed me forward in ways I never expected, becoming invaluable to both myself and my business.
— Sally LaPointe- Company: Sally LaPointe

Susan has helped to crystalize the vision of the collection addressing the merchandizing requirements for sales. In addition, Susan has been very helpful giving us an exterior perspective and advice for the whole company.
— Maria Cornejo-Company: Zero+Maria Cornejo

After our first meeting, Susan immediately put remarkable strategies in place, which helped successfully grow my business and collection. She has been an incredible asset to my team and is a bright light in the fashion industry.
— Misha Nonoo

Susan is an absolute wealth of industry knowledge and experience.  Very few people possess her brilliant combination of business acumen and appreciation for luxury and design. In a very short time, she was able to make a great impact on all aspects of my business.  My team and I learned so much from Susan and I feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.
— Wes Gordon