As a premier advisor, with a vast record of accomplishments, Ms. Sokol works closely with key members of her clients' firms to build growth and increase business value. Susan Sokol Consultancy sets clear objectives, puts a strategy into play, and then executes on that strategy using a focused approach from initial needs assessment to successful implementation. Services include: 


  • Building a well-merchandised collection which drives top line growth based on the DNA and Brand Aesthetics.
  • Provide direction to develop a line plan from color assortment, and fabric selection through silhouette, and classification category. 
  • Ensure the appropriate classifications are planned by fabric/material to enhance the overall merchandise assortment, and that the collection is balanced with the proper emphasis on the core business drivers.
  • Through its merchandizing tactics, leverage strength of core business and identify growth areas across all product categories. 
  • Address the seasonality needs of the different collections, from a color and fabric approach, i.e. the pre-collections as well as the main collections 
  • Implement operating procedures such as design and production calendars to support planning and timing of all key initiatives relating to the design, merchandising, and production processes 
  • Evaluate pricing structure of the competition within each classification to confirm the product is competitive, and that pricing sits appropriately within the matrix of adjacent brands, while protecting margins.
  • Provide advice, and support to identify defining elements to serve as a point of differentiation in positioning the brand.



  • Implementing a wholesale strategy, specifically targeted to the needs of the business
  • Work closely with sales team to create a strategy to grow existing distribution, and create ways to foster existing relationships
  • Identify the appropriate distribution channels in the U.S., department and specialty stores, along with advising on a focused sales plan by account/door for each season to better track and analyze the business. 
  • Building an international strategy, targeting the right markets for specific product by country/region 
  • Setting up procedures to better analyze the “best sellers” and ways to leverage this information to grow the business. 
  • Provide advice and support in determining how a brand can evolve its current product categories to convey a consistent brand message, and identity to grow the top line.
  • Identify best strategy for wholesale International growth.


  • Balancing a collection with an appropriate pricing matrix for each classification 
  • Ensuring there is a well-balanced and strategic tiered approach to pricing the collection to include entry level, mid and top tier price range within each classification 
  • Understanding competition within the vendor matrix, as well as a focused approach to ensuring there is a price value relationship, and perceived value to the product 
  • Strategies to improve cost of goods and raise gross margins 


  • Identify appropriate markets/locations/adjacencies for Free Standing Retail Stores. 
  • Spearhead the sales plan for the Retail Store, and strategize the proper assortments. 
  • Structure retail commissions to facilitate synergistic teamwork, and motivate sales performance. 
  • Identify the proper staffing needs to support the store.
  • Provide direction for the necessary marketing efforts to support the store, and drive business growth.


  • Identify new business opportunities and growth strategies including product extensions, i.e., design collaborations, licensing, “leased” space business models
  • Assist in negotiations of these opportunities
  • Provide support and direction to grow e-commerce 
  • Maximize Marketing, Social Media, and P.R. strategies to enhance brand visibility. 
  • Provide direction on all strategic business plans, and budgets. 
  • Analysis and identification of organizational structure and team building needs for future growth. 
  • Identify the right talent for the right position and creating a cross-functional synergy 


  • Structuring the right Production team to meet the needs of the business and product
  • Implementing a production calendar to ensure timely deliveries 
  • Advise on sourcing domestic, and global manufacturing, and identifying appropriate labor costs, IMU’s. 
  • Implementing and spearheading the path from first sample to final production garment, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, timeliness, quality and fit